An Intervention is a way of presenting the reality of the addiction, by using specific facts and information so that it can be heard by the addict. It is presenting reality in a receivable way to a person whose reality has developed a delusional system that prevents him/her from seeing what is really happening. For this reason, an intervention requires careful and detailed preparation. A person need not be an emotional or physical wreck before help is given. An intervention is not a punishment, nor is it an opportunity for others to assault him/her verbally. An intervention is an opportunity to break through the denial, and present a “moment of truth” all in a caring way.

The participants in an intervention are those who are affected by the alcoholics’/drug addicts’ behaviour and have facts that they are willing to present in written form. They will need to be educated about the dynamics of addiction, the denial, the inability to stop the abuse of the alcohol or other drugs. Usually the family has tried everything. Fighting, crying, threatening, or blaming. Promises may have been made by the afflicted person which gave hope to those who were affected by the addict. For a while things may have appeared to work, until a relapse occurs. Then for those who are affected the hope is gone again. The whole family adjusts to the alcoholics’/addicts’ behaviour. It is for this reason that the illness of addiction is known as a family disease.

Preparing for the intervention, the family and others who are concerned about the addict will have a number of meetings without the alcoholics’/drug addicts’ knowledge. There are many feelings that will need to be addressed and worked through. Details such as time, the place, letters and who should be involved will need to be fine-tuned.

Family Outreach Ontario can help guide, prepare, plan, and conduct the actual intervention. One person’s request can get the process started, but the actual intervention will require a group of several people. There is strength in numbers; an addict is less likely to resist a group of people.

We can help get the addict to a detox facility and the subsequent admission into a rehab centre. We suggest that you make use of the expertise of Family Outreach Ontario Christian Addiction Support Services as there are many facets that go into the planning and conducting of an intervention.