Family Outreach Ontario attempts to reach out to those we serve, with special emphasis to the Christian community, in practical ways. In doing so we provide three completely different types of services:

  1. Education and training on the issues of alcohol and drug addiction. We do this through presentations, newsletters, workshops, seminars, small group and one-on-one interaction. We believe that information is the key to recovery for the alcoholic/addict and the family! Fear of the unknown is usually the barrier to receiving the loving care a person needs to overcome their addiction.

  1. Consultation to families and individuals who are struggling with addictions and are looking for advice and help. This usually happens when the individual, family members, or other loved ones, reach a point where they don’t know where else to turn. A toll free 888-809-0464 hotline telephone number is published in all our literature and, often, it is this number that is used to contact us. Upon doing so, each situation is then assessed individually and suggestions are presented of various options they may try. In some cases, this might result in a family intervention that is coordinated and facilitated by Family Outreach Ontario.

  1. Network with organizations who provide recovery programs. Family Outreach Ontario does not provide treatment for those who are struggling but we do liaise and network with those who do. There are many different organizations that provide good programming and treatment, both Christian and secular. However, it can be a daunting task to wade through the myriad of options available on the internet if you are unfamiliar with them. Confusion often leads to frustration and the search for help stalls. We simply offer the benefit of our experience to speed up this search and point them in the right direction.